HMC Mix Volume 29: DJ RI5E

DJ Ri5e Graphic via DJ RI5E/HMC

Headliner Music Club's 'HMC Mixtape Series' features exclusive mixes from some of the most prominent industry DJs. Some of our past guests include Miles Medina, Jesse Marco, DJ Precise, & many others.

DJ RI5E lays down an all-new mix for volume 29 of our HMC Mix Series.

Established open format DJ RI5E throws down an all-new high-energy mix for our latest #HMCMix installment. The East Coast-DJ/Producer can be seen spinning at some of the countries most recognized venues. His wide range of experience have lead RI5E to spin high profile parties for celebrities including Drake, Lauryn Hill, LeBron James, & many others.

HMC Mix Volume 29 - DJ RI5E

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