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HMC Mix Volume 28: Neil Jackson

Neil Jackson Graphic via Neil Jackson/HMC

Headliner Music Club's 'HMC Mixtape Series' features exclusive mixes from some of the most prominent industry DJs. Some of our past guests include Miles Medina, Jesse Marco, DJ Precise, & many others.

Veteran NYC-based DJ/Producer Neil Jackson delivers his heavy House-influenced mix for volume 28 of our HMC Mix Series.

The open format DJ can be seen spinning at some of the countries most premiere nightclubs including TAO Las Vegas, Tongue & Groove Atlanta, and Marquee New York. His latest single "Wow" featuring The Kid Daytona is currently featured on Spotify's Friday Cratediggers & Swag House Playlists sitting at over 200,000 plays.

Jackson's latest project came virtually beside LA native & long time friend DJ Vice. The two reunited as former DJ duo Vice & Clockwork taking the viewers back to the beginning all via live stream on Twitch.

HMC Mix Volume 28 - Neil Jackson

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