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HMC Mix Volume 25: Charles Prince

Charles Prince Photo via Charles Prince/HMC

Headliner Music Club's 'HMC Mixtape Series' features exclusive mixes from some of the most prominent industry DJs. Some of our past guests include Miles Medina, Jesse Marco, DJ Precise, & many others.

Paris-native Charles Prince kicks off March with a brand new mix exclusively for our HMC members. The veteran Open Format DJ performs at some of the most popular clubs throughout Europe, Asia, & North America. The award-winning DJ can be found playing in the hottest UK clubs including Tape London, Cirque Le Soir and Reign.

Prince has previously worked with well-known powerhouse artists including Jay-Z, Beyonce, Rihanna, & Drake to name a few. His most recent project includes working closely with fellow peer DJ Jojo on their new collaborative project 'NIGHTCRASHERS'.

Volume 25:

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