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HMC Mix Volume 23: BeatBreaker

BeatBreaker Photo via BeatBreaker Instagram

Headliner Music Club's 'HMC Mixtape Series' features exclusive mixes from some of the most prominent industry DJs. Some of our past guests include Miles Medina, Jesse Marco, DJ Precise, & many others.

Start off the new year with a brand new mix from HMC's own BeatBreaker. The East Coast-based DJ/Producer throws down 45-straight minutes featuring some of his favorite personal edits and HMC ONLY edits. In 2019 alone, BeatBreaker DJ'd multiple international gigs, was a guest on the Fourth Meal Podcast, and dropped chart topping HMC ONLY exclusives for all of our members. Curious what tracks were featured in this month's mix? Be sure to take a look at the tracklist below.

Volume 23

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