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Fourth Meal Podcast Episode 53: 24-Hour DJ Set Recap With Sourmilk & Skratchy

Headliner Music Club presents the Fourth Meal Podcast featuring Eric Dlux & DJ Five – A conversation with DJs about the industry and random topics.

Episode 53 features returning guests and friends of the pod, DJ Sourmilk & DJ Skratchy. The group sit down to discuss Sourmilk's latest DJ stunt which included spinning for 24-hours straight on Instagram Live. Hear the group break down Milk's latest DJ experiment, speak on the future of Twitch's live streaming, and express opinion on the current state of DJing during the pandemic.

Listen to the guys share their stories, give advice, and take the DJ conversation to the next level in the next installment of the Fourth Meal Podcast.

Available on all streaming platforms including Apple Podcasts, Spotify, & YouTube.

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