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Ear Buds Podcast Episode #4 | With CRG (Austin) – The Buds Are Back!

Kick off the year with the latest Ear Buds episode as we break down January's music scene. From trends and chart-toppers to new releases by Nicki Minaj & 21 Savage. Dive into sneaky slappers with Drake, explore favorite closing records, and get the inside scoop on Austin's vibrant music scene with our special guest CRG.

Introducing ‘Ear Buds Podcast’ — 3 DJs from NYC, Chicago, & Las Vegas come together to discuss music-related topics, current club trends, and exclusive behind-the-scenes stories. Plus, interviews with fellow DJs, producers, and music buds from around the world.

Episode #4 with Neil Jackson, DJ Five, & Jerzy now available on YouTube, Apple Podcasts, Spotify, & Mixcloud — Brought to you by Headliner Music Club.

Listen to all the records discussed in this episode on our curated Ear Buds Podcast Spotify Playlist.

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